Agency Services

This page is primarily for agencies that may wish to refer client’s or patients to the Male Room and need clarification on a number of topics.

In regards to referring for counselling, we are more than happy to receive any and all referrals from agencies, and we have a fully qualified member of NZAC available.

Our mission statement affirms that we are designed around helping males through any difficulty in their lives, regardless of what that difficulty be. It is also worth noting that while we use the term “male”, we often work with families/whanau, and in regards to our designated client group, anyone that identifies as male is more than welcome at our service, regardless of biological sex, orientation, religion, or any other difference.

Some services that we can be referred to for are:

  • Counselling (for any matter)
  • Police Safety Orders
  • Violence Victims
  • Sexual Abuse Survivors
  • Seminar and presentation speakers
  • Research projects
  • Justice of the Peace Duties
  • Networking
  • Advocacy

If you have any queries about the services we provide or if a client/patient is suited to the Male Room service, please do not hesitate to contact either our Office Manager or Director at, or at 035480403. If the query is non-urgent, you can also use the “contact us” page.

Other Agencies

Agency Contact Number
 SVS – Living Safe Nelson and Motueka 03-548 3850
 Women’s & Children’s Refuge Services Nelson 03-548 3353
 Whakatū Marae 03-546 9097
 Nelson Tasman Police 03-546 3840
 Family Violence Community Response/Barnardos Nelson Branch 03-539 0019
 Life Linc 03-548 2400
 Victim Support 0800 842 846
 Q Youth Nelson 03-548 4260
022 0750740
 Te Awhina Marae 03-528 6061
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