Sexual Abuse Survivors

Sexual abuse is a widespread issue in New Zealand society, with 1 in 6 males being the victims of childhood sexual abuse. Sexual abuse has been a taboo topic, especially when men or boys are the victims, but that is changing, and thanks to some strong advocates there is help available for people that have been through sexual abuse.

Our main resource is a peer support group for survivors, and has been pivotal in the recovery process for a large number of men, with one saying “If it wasn’t for the support group, I would be in prison or dead.” This support group is one of the options available to you. At the Male Room, we firmly believe that our services should be tailored to you, not the other way around. In addition to the group, we also conduct one-to-one peer support, skype or telephone counselling, and can assist you in finding the counsellor that fits with your specific needs.

The Male Room is an affiliate member of Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Trust Aotearoa New Zealand [MSSATANZ], and works with survivors who have gone through this traumatic time in their life.

Our main concern is your safety, and as such you will be treated to a completely confidential and private service, exactly as you deserve. We can work alongside you and offer the resources that will help you and others face up to the past, and work towards planning a positive future.

Sexual Addiction Counselling

The other service offered by the Male Room is sexual addiction counselling. Sexual addictions can come in a variety of forms, and are one of the largest kinds of addiction in New Zealand. Whether the addiction be pornographic in nature, or sexual acts, our experienced and qualified practitioners can help sort out problems which can be a destructive force in your life, and can affect family if left unchecked.

As with all our services, privacy and confidentiality will always be respected. If you, or someone you know may be requiring our services, feel free to contact us and we can help get it sorted.

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