Holistic Families

Holistic families were founded by John Glazier in 2020. John is a father of three children that he raises himself. He has a qualification in social services and is a clinical counsellor specialising in addictions and mental health. John also works as a secondary school teacher. John is also the author of the upcoming book “our children are not a weapon”. He is extremely passionate about protecting children during difficult separations and educating parents how to do this and how to use family court positively and effectively. 

Holistic families offer an extensive service in supporting families during separation and through family court. John supports the parent/parents during the separation and/or family court process. His focus is keeping the children safe and sheltered during the often-stressful separation process. He educates and prepares parents how to do this. An acrimonious separation can often lead parents to lose focus and make negative decisions in their parenting this service strongly supports both parents and children in preventing this.  

Holistic families also offer,

  • Mediation between families
  • Referral to Lawyers
  • Support in affidavits
  • Counselling/emotional support
  • Preparation for court i.e., how to present, what to expect etc
  • Alternatives to using the family court system
  • Support in lodging family court documentation
  • Liaising and advising lawyers as to keep lawyer time and costs to a minimum
  • Communication between families as a conflict resolution
  • Support and advocacy if other government organisations are involved i.e., Police, Oranga Tamariki etc. 
  • John also can support parents who are struggling with mental health, addiction etc. He has a program to help with improving your own life which leads to the ability and skills it takes to raise a child. John has written reports and supported parents in both family and district court with positive results.  
  • Knowing your rights
  • Confidentiality

John offers the first appointment for free and in this time will usually advise if you need his services or not. He will refer to a Lawyer and/or explain what needs to be done to move ahead positively. If you decide to work with Holistic Families John is a quarter of the price of a Lawyer and can directly advise your lawyer what you would like done. This keeps the costs low and the lawyers time to a minimum.