Our People

Our Staff

Philip Chapman

The director and founder of Male Room Incorporated, Philip has over 30 years’ experience in working with families and males in the Nelson Region. The first port of call for any issues for males in the district, Philip has the knowledge base and skills to help you through almost any situation, be it divorce, legal issues, or any number of other matters. In addition to his services at the Male Room, Philip is also a Justice of the Peace, due to the years of hard work advocating and working to support those in Nelson; he also serves as the deputy chairman for the Primary Healthy Organisation; Independent chairman of Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Trust Aotearoa New Zealand [MSSATANZ], and is part of the core steering committee for Te Rito anti-violence network in the Nelson Tasman region. Another position Philip holds is the chairman of the Waimea Men’s Shed, which works to practically support primarily older males and help them avoid the isolation that can happen after retirement.

Louis Chapman

Louis is our manager, He has recently come back to Nelson after working across the social services sector in Australia and Auckland. He is here to provide practical advice and a listening ear for anyone in need. He can also assist with helping with any WINZ forms, food and accommodation needs and assistance to access services. Louis can also provide assistance to those served with police safety orders. No appointment necessary, just pop and say hello.

Davey Whitehead

Moving to New Zealand nearly a decade ago, Davey has a background in the Royal Engineers branch of the military, as well in construction. He is a firm fan of football, and has received his Football Association coaching badges. In his work for the Male Room, Davey brings the experience of a qualified counsellor whom is working towards gaining his New Zealand Association of Counsellors accreditation. He has a strong passion for working with men and helping them address their issues that they face in their day to day lives.

Our Board

Phil Ivamy

Phil Ivamy joined the Male Room in the early part of this century! Phil brings his background in finance and accounting to the governance committee assisting it to navigate the uncertain world of funding for a not for profit, male centric organisation in the modern world. His talents that have not yet been capitalised on by the Male Room include craft beer and malt whisky, along with blues music listening.

David Mitchell

Recently retired from an illustrious career in Nursing, both front line and in an education role, David brings a huge amount of knowledge built from a career interacting with those on the front line. In his role for the Male Room, David is in charge of all matters financial and funding, and as such is one of the most important people in keeping the Male Room up and running. He also, along with Philip, conducts research for the Male Room on a variety of topics that can be viewed in the ‘Research’ section of the website, but suffice to say, he has worked from community level all the way up to ministerial departments and international conferences.

Alisdair Kerr

Has had a long term interest in issues affecting men, including physical health, mental health, and addictions. Alisdair’s background is in mental health nursing and has worked in various settings in this capacity. He was involved in Men’s groups in Christchurch that helped lead to an understanding of the challenges that men face. Alisdair is currently the chair of the board of Male Room Incorporated, which has responsibility for the governance of the organisation. At the Male room we are very fortunate to have very able board members and a skilled and dedicated management and clinical team. In his spare time Alisdair likes to head to the Marlborough sounds for a spot of fishing, or just to enjoy the lovely environment. He would like to add that he is sure the Male Room can be of assistance to you, and we always welcome feedback on the services provided.

Michael Vesty

A barrister working out of Resolution Chambers in Nelson, Michael provides an expert legal perspective and opinion on matters that require it. Specialising in both criminal law as well as family law, in the event that a problem requires a legal solution, Michael offers a free consultation for all referrals from the Male Room. Michael has also been a longstanding member of the Male Room’s Board of Directors, and as such he has an excellent and in-depth knowledge of the variety of issues that are dealt with at the Male Room.