Men in society – myths & stereotypes

At the Male Room we understand what it means to be male. We also get what it means to be provider, protector, role model, adventurer and mate all at the same time. Sometimes it takes a fair bit of grit and determination to meet those expectations!

So many portrayals of men in society focus on the negatives and reinforce misleading myths and stereotypes. We are active on the local and national fronts ensuring men are portrayed fairly and honestly.

We also advocate for men in our justice system, making sure their voices are heard in a calm, balanced and factual manner and that the legal process is clearly understood.

Another priority for the Male Room is to make sure access to the many services for men provided by our health and social services agencies is easy and straight forward.

For your company, organisation, educational institution, conference or Government agency, the Male Room ALSO offers:

  • Seminars on a broad range of men’s topics
  • Speakers for your conferences and events
  • Presentations for community information evenings
  • Research on all aspects of men in society and the family
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