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This page is the location for all Male Room commissioned and related research and publications, and range from topics from Domestic violence to Father’s experiences and beyond. Some of the topics discussed relate to topics which may cause distress, and care should be taken when viewing for this reason. If you or your organisation has any questions relating to the research conducting by the Male Room, or wish to contract our services for a research project, please make contact either on the ‘Contact’ section of the website, or by emailing

Men and Family Violence

This video provides a background to the varying perspectives surrounding family violence, and centres around the nature of domestic harm. Produced by the Male Room’s research team headed by David Mitchell and Philip Chapman.


This presentation is an overview of five individual projects, separate but linked to each other. The overarching theme is parenting and how men as father’s experience services, separation, and transitioning from partner to father.

Adult Male Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse

A taboo area in society that is often hidden away behind myths and misinformation, this presentation aims to dispel these myths and compare the difference between female and male survivors, and the experiences of male survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Men at Work

Men at Work Final 21Jan14

The aim of the project was to collect data from men who had completed or were completing the SVS – Living Safe’s ‘Stopping Violence‘ group to surface their views on:

• The effectiveness of the ‘Stopping Violence’ group.
• How SVS – Living Safe’s services could be further developed.
• Strategies that would be useful in reducing the incidence of family violence in our community.

Where’s Harry?

Report – Working Together More Fund

A client centred approach to supporting men who have been sexually abused as children, Where’s Harry?  discusses the life altering effects that happens when a male is subjected to the trauma of Childhood Sexual Abuse [CSA]. Of particular interest is the relationship formed between those who have been sexually abused and an occurrence of anti-social behaviour.

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