Sometimes life doesn’t work out the way we planned. Relationships come unstuck, unemployment Drags us down, accident or illness take their toll.

Get It Sorted

That’s where The Male Room comes in with practical and a listening ear. We’ve go a few things that can help you make sense of the situation and get you through the other side.

How We Can Help

You are not alone. Statistics show that one in six men have been sexually abused. The recognition of the abuse men have faced in their lives has been slow in coming – both sexual and physical – but that is all changing…


Confidential crisis intervention one on one counselling.

Separation Support

Guidance and support during acrimonious separations.

Family Court

Support referrals for Lawyers and advise pathways.


We link to a number of agencies within the Nelson area.

Housing First

We are part of Nelson’s Housing First program.

Domestic Violence

We offer support for both victims and perpetrators.

Police Safety Orders

Accommodation, emotional and practical support.

Other Services

Confidential support for pornography and sexual addiction.

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